Prior Authorization

There are specific medical treatments and hospitalization situations which require that you obtain, prior to commencement of treatment,  an authorization from the Society’s Medical Adviser.

It is essential that as member of the Society you are well aware of this process and that failure to obtain prior authorization may result in non payment of your medical and/or hospital bills. Please click on the below links to access the information note which details the situation in which a prior authorization is needed along with your responsibilities and the various actions and steps to be taken.

The role of the medical adviser, within the framework of the internal rules, is to assess the safety, efficacy, and cost-effectiveness of medical interventions. The medical adviser plays a critical role in the gap between scientific evidence and healthcare decision-making. The medical adviser reserves the right to request additional information, propose alternatives or deny prior authorization if he/she deems the treatment to be unsafe, not effective and/or cost ineffective.  The Medical Adviser shall determine the categories in which treatments not listed in this annex may be classified for purposes of
reimbursement. Approved authorizations are only valid for a period of six months running from the date on which they are granted, unless otherwise stated (maximum 1 year in case of renewal medical prescription).

For more information please click on the link below to access the circular on prior authorization. 





To request Prior Authorization from the Medical Adviser of UNSMIS please send a detailed medical report, complete with diagnostic and prescribed treatment, to:


Medical Adviser UNSMIS/UNOG

Centre d’assistance à la clientèle / Client Support Centre
Palais des Nations, bureau WP-10 / office WP-10

FAX +41 22 917 02 98