This page has been created to help our existing Insured Members and newcomers understand how UMOJA will impact their responsibilities and duties regarding medical insurance coverage.

Claims cannot be submitted using UMOJA.  For details on the E-Claims submission process please refer to the dedicated page  eClaims.


UMOJA is the UN Secretariat's ERP system. The information on this page does NOT apply to staff of member Organizations who participate in UNSMIS but have not implemented UMOJA (for example UNHCR and WMO)


How can I enrol as a newcomer?

You will have 31 days from Entry on Duty (EOD) to access UMOJA ESS and enrol yourself and your recognised family members. PLEASE NOTE: If your family members have not yet been recognized by HR you will not have the option to affiliate them as they will not appear in UMOJA. This may when there are delays getting birth certificates and/or marriage certificates from certain countries or having them translated. In such cases please proceed to enrol yourselves and contact HR. Keep copies of the communications as they could be needed later on as proof.


How can I add new family members (spouse, children, etc?)

You will have 31 days from the birth of the child, date of marriage, date of adoption or other change in family status to enrol your new family members using UMOJA ESS. Alternatively there is also an annual enrolment campaign in June every year where you can affiliate family members (so long as they are recognized by HR) using UMOJA ESS.


If I go on Special Leave Without Pay (SLWOP) can I retain my coverage?

Once your SLWOP is approved you will receive an automated communication instructing you of your options. If you do not wish to continue with medical insurance during this period you will only be eligible for re-enrolment when you return to work. You will not need to take any action when leaving,  but will need to re-enrol within 31 days of returning to work using UMOJA ESS

Should you wish to continue with enrolment please note that you will be responsible for the full premium, your share plus the organisation's share, and it has to be paid in advance. In this case please proceed to UMOJA ESS and select the SLWOP insurance option. You must then contact to request payment instructions. Please proceed to pay the amounts prior to SLWOP coverage commencing. This must all be done prior to your SLWOP commencing.


What happens if I change Duty Station?

In this case UMOJA will send you a notification informing you that your insurance in your current Duty Station will expire automatically on the last day of the month that you leave. Once you arrive at the new Duty station you will be responsible to go into UMOJA ESS and enrol yourself again to the medical insurance plan. Depending on the geographic area of your new duty station UNSMIS may not be available as a medical insurance plan. Should you wish to retain UNSMIS nonetheless for personal reasons (i.e. your family still resides in Europe for example) then kindly send an email to and we will contact you to try and solve your request.