UNSMIS is a self-insured and self-administered multi-employer fund. Its is financed by joint contributions from both affiliated Organizations and the insured members (Staff and Retirees).

The plan hinges on the principle of freedom of choice of medical provider.  A lot of effort goes into containing costs (i.e. plan structure, agreements with medical providers) In order to ensure the financial viability of the plan, to avoid premium increases and to minimize your out of pocket expenses, we strongly urge all members to ensure the care they are being provided is reasonable and customary, financially and medically wise. As a self-insured plan it is in the interest of all participants to proactively contribute to the containment of medical insurance costs. 

Participation to UNSMIS is NOT mandatory, it is the Staff Member's responsibility to ensure he proactively requests affiliation. The same applies to individuals who are about to retire, it is their responsibility to proactively request continuation in the Medical Insurance Plan and agree to the premium contributions being deducted from their future pension. 

Please do note that, although participation is not compulsory, Staff are nonetheless required to have medical health insurance similar to that provided by the United Nations, in particular with respect to Geographic coverage, worldwide, and benefit packages.