Extension of Coverage After Separation

UNSMIS allows the possibility of extending coverage for three months beyond the date of termination of a contract, subject to specific criteria being met. During this period the SM will be responsible for paying, in advance, their share of the monthly contribution and that of the organisation. To see if you are eligible for this extension and the monthly cost kindly contact unsmis@unog.ch The request for the extension has to be made prior to seperation as there can be no break in service as per UNSMIS Internal Rules. It is therefore recommended the inquiry be made ahead of the end of the contract.


UNSMIS also allows the possibility to extend coverage for "bridging" purposes for those colleagues who opt for a deferred retirement benefit. The calculations in this case are somewhat more complex and we strongly urge you to contact us at unsmis@unog.ch so that we can clearly explain in writing the eligibility criteria for this option, the costs and your obligations.


In both cases details governing the extension of insurance under the UNSMIS Internal Rules can be found in Rule V of the Internal Rules, accessible by clicking here.