UNSMIS has concluded a contract with an internationally renowned assistance company to facilitate admission to hospitals in case of emergency hospitalization.

This new Emergency Telephone Number is to be used exclusively in the event of an Emergency.  An Emergency is defined as a situation whereby you or any insured family member needs to be admitted to a hospital for immediate emergency care within 72 hours.

When you call the emergency assistance number they will verify that 1) you, or your insured family member, are covered by the UNSMIS; and 2) your situation is indeed an emergency. 

All reimbursements will be made directly to the provider by UNSMIS, meaning insured members will not have to advance any funds.

Out of pocket amounts will be recovered by UNSMIS post factum from each insured member. 


  • This 24/7 emergency number is purely for emergency admission to a hospital.
  • This is not a Medevac number. All Medevacs must be approved in line with established procedures and obtain necessary clearance from the Organization you are working for.