Emergency Transport to the nearest place of treatment is reimbursed at 80% with application of the Supplementary Plan. This however does not extend to Repatriation Costs and costs related to the transport by private vehicle, both of which are excluded.

Other Transport in an ambulance up to a maximum distance of 200 km is reimbursed at 80% and subject to Prior Authorization.

Round trip transport for outpatient treatment to the nearest place where appropriate treatment can be obtained up to a distance of 200 km is reimbursed at 80% without application of the Supplementary Plan and subject to Prior Authorization

Expenses for rescue (help and evacuation) are reimbursed at 50% up to a maximum ceiling of CHF 5,000 per annum. It is imperative to note that should such rescue be necessarry following the partaking in hazardous initiatives or dangerous sports the expenses will NOT be reimbursed. The transport must be made by a means which corresponds to the medical requirements of the case.

We strongly encourage members to take up dedicated private insurance covering rescue operations, particularly in relation to skiing and other activities which may result in the need of costly rescue operations.