Language of Documentation

The UNSMIS is a worldwide medical insurance health plan and as such we pose no restrictions on the language in which we receive the bills. However we strongly encourage that bills be submitted in English or French in order to speed up the reimbursement process and avoid potential errors.

For anyone who submits documentation in a language other than the 6 official UN languages (English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic and Russian) we kindly ask you to follow the below procedures

A brief but comprehensive free translation of all invoices and proof of payments. Said translation can be done by yourself (i.e. it is a free translation) Please ensure to translate for each invoice:

  • Date of invoice
  • Treatment type (for example, dermatologist, physiotherapy..e.t.c.)
  • Treatment dates (for example, 2, 3, and 4 July 2013)
  • Hospital related invoices – should state clearly the type of operation, the number of nights spent in the hospital, whether it was a semi-private room or private room, and also the above steps.
  • Sessions related invoices - should state clearly the number of sessions taken and dates of each session. Sessions should be accompanied by the relevant medical prescriptions.


Kindly sign and date (for legal purposes) each translated invoice.

Please note: failure to present documentation in any language, other than the 6 official UN languages, that does not follow the above steps may result in either non reimbursement, return of claim requests, or a delay in reimbursement.