Article 6.2 of the United Nations Staff Regulations states that, The Secretary-General shall establish a scheme of social security for the staff, including provisions for health protection, sick leave, maternity and paternity leave, and reasonable compensation in the event of illness, accident or death attributable to the performance of official duties on behalf of the United Nations.

This led, amongst other things, to the creation of the United Nations Staff Mutual Insurance Society against Sickness and Accident (UNSMIS).

Headquartered in Geneva, the Society’s objective is to reimburse, within the rules and regulations of the Society’s internal rules, medical expenses encountered by its members arising from sickness, accident and maternity.

Many things have changed since the Society’s foundation in 1947, but the ultimate goal remains the same; Provide Staff and Retirees of participating Organizations and their families and/or dependents with a valid substitute for Social Health Care. It is essential to understand that the need to provide health care insurance is shared amongst the insured individuals and the Organizations participating in UNSMIS. We therefore encourage members to always maintain a thoughtful approach in using health services efficiently, in particular by giving preference to those health providers with whom UNSMIS has an agreement.

The Medical Insurance Section and the Secretariat of UNSMIS are the organs responsible for ensuring a timely and efficient service delivery of the day to day operations associated with Medical Claims and affiliation processes.

The Executive Committee of UNSMIS reviews the general administrative rules and policies of UNSMIS. It also reviews and settles disputed cases as well as ensuring the financial soundness of the Society.