Issuance of Certificates and Letters of Guarantee

In an ongoing effort to always provide our members with a customer oriented service upon your request UNSMIS can issue the following Certificates and Attestations.

Insurance Certificate:

Simple attestation certifying that you are insured on a worldwide basis from the first dollar of expense ground up. These certificates may often be required for visa purposes when travelling to certain countries. The simple attestation of cover is available on the eClaims portal.

School Certificate:

A letter certifying your children have worldwide valid medical insurance to be presented to schools and universities as part of enrolment prerequisites.

Tax Certificate:

Certificate to be presented to the tax authorities in the country of residence when preparing tax submission to the relevant authorities. The tax certificate concerning the contributions and reimbursements of the previous year is available on the eClaims portal.

Letter of Guarantee:

A letter prepared by UNSMIS and presented to hospitals and/or clinics upon admission which serves as a Guarantee of the individual having valid medical insurance. 

Should you need any of these documents prepared please do not hesitate to send your request to the following email address: