Other Insurance and/or National health Systems

UNSMIS generally operates as primary medical health insurance. The reimbursements are dictated by the internal rules and procedures and very often a percentage of the amount submitted for reimbursement is not covered. That is known as the assured's out of pocket or co-share.

However in the event that you possess a another primary medical insurance plan, or are covered by a Social Health Insurance scheme of a country, UNSMIS works as a complementary insurance. The claim will need to be submitted to the other insurer first, be it a private insurance plan or a Social Health scheme, for reimbursement. The remaining portion NOT reimbursed can then be submitted to UNSMIS for reimbursment. This portion will be reimbursed at 100%, thus leaving you with no out of pocket expenses.

The claim form (or eClaims) is the same as that for submitting normal claims and it is your responsibility to ensure the appropriate box stating that there is another form of insurance is is marked.