2024 Enrolment Campaign

Annual Open Enrolment Period for the United Nations Staff Mutual Insurance Society Against Sickness and Accident (from 1 June to 30 June 2024)

You can find the UNSMIS circular, in English and French by clicking on the following links: EN or FR

For colleagues who work for an Organization/Fund/Program or office that does not use UMOJA:

During the campaign period kindly send to us an updated affiliation form. Please click on the link to access the form on our website.


For colleagues who work in the UN Secretariat and offices that have adopted UMOJA:

For colleagues who work for an Organization/Fund/Program or office that uses UMOJA:

During the campaign period the Employee Self Service (ESS) in UMOJA will activate the enrolment functionality for all eligible Staff Members and their dependents. Please ensure all necessary steps are taken to ensure eligibility is activated. For example if you have a child you would want to affiliate please during the enrolment campaign please ensure the child is recognized as your dependent by HR.



In preparation for the Annual Campaign, UN staff members are encouraged to take the following steps:

  • Test their access to Umoja Employee Self Service (ESS)

  • Review their current health insurance participation status through Umoja ESS. Here are the steps to take:

    • Log on to the ESS Portal;
    • Click the “Employee Self-Service SM” tab;
    • Click Benefits & Payments;
    • Click “Confirmation Form” in the Benefits sub section;
    • The Benefits Confirmation Statement will be displayed in pdf format.
  • Review and update, if necessary, their mailing address through Umoja ESS. Only the mailing address reflected in Umoja is sent to the insurance carriers twice a month and used by them for mailing insurance cards, reimbursements, and explanation of benefits (EOB) statements. Please ensure that city, state, zip code and country are provided in the correct fields.

  • Review their recognized family members to ensure that they are reflected in Umoja ESS. It is staff members’ responsibility that any eligible family members that they intend to add to their coverage are recognized by the UN. Please see your HR Partner if you do not see your family member recorded in Umoja. Secondary dependents are not eligible for coverage under the UNHQ-administered health insurance plans



Details on benefits and premium contributions can be found on this website

Staff members who are administered in Umoja can only make changes to their coverage through Umoja Employee Self Service (ESS).

Staff members may log on to ESS to make changes to their coverage. This may include changing health insurance plan, adding a family member who was not previously covered, or terminating coverage for a currently covered family member.

Job aid to making changes through ESS

Please remember to complete such action by 30 June 2024 as the system will automatically end the Campaign period on that date. 

After 30 June 2024, no further changes can be made without a qualifying work or life event.

**Please note that after 30 June 2024, only staff members who provide proof of being away from the duty station for the entire period  of the enrolment campaign may request the open enrolment period to be extended for them. 

Such requests must be submitted within 31 days of return to the duty station.  Eligible staff members must send the proof of absence from the duty station via email to unsmis@un.org . The proof, depending on the reason for absence, may take the form of an approved travel authorization, approved annual leave or special leave without pay, or approved sick leave (no diagnosis required) .

Effective date of change will remain 1 July 2024.**