E-Claims and Mobile App

E-Claims Portal

A one stop shop where insured members can submit claims electronically, verify credit balances and issue attestations. To access the portal directly, then please click on the following link:


To better understand how the portal works and for instructions on how how to log in, please click on the following links to access the relevant documents in either English or French: EN I FR

We also strongly urge all insured members to take note of the disclaimer that spells out your duties and responsibilities (document in both English and French): Disclaimer In particular please pay attention to the need to hold on to your originals for 24 months. UNSMIS reserves the right to carry out spot checks and request originals at any time. Failure to provide the requested documentation can result in the suspension of the e-claims account.

We strongly urge all insured members to move from paper submissions to online submission of electronic claims. The advantages are that it will reduce the amount of paper used and it will facilitate submission from all over the world and thus reduce the time and costs necessary for physically mailing the claims. It will create a "one -stop shop" for insured members to verify credits, retrieve old reimbursement advices, submit claims, issue attestations and verify the status of recently submitted claims. UNSMIS has also created a dedicated page to search for providers and in some cases benefit form preferred rates and direct pay agreements for inpatient care. 

Please remember that 1) Claims must be submitted within twelve months from the date of invoice and 2) Benefits are calculated according to the invoice date in the case of fees for medical services, and according to the treatment date in the case of invoices for certain services relating to benefits that are subject to an annual ceiling.


Mobile App

UNSMIS has now rolled out a Mobile App that allows users to use their smartphones to submit claims, issue attestations, review credits, access past reimbursement advices and other features. The mobile app also has a e-insurance card feature. Carrying a  physical insurance card (that often gets lost, broken or simply worn out over time) is no longer necessary. The mobile app has been developed to facilitate the submission of small and simple claims. The Mobile App is available on both Google Play and the App Store, simply search for "UNSMIS"