Detox, Obesity, Stop Smoking and SPA Cures

Detoxication and Stop Smoking Treatments

Accomodation and/or treatment for Alcohol and Drug Detoxication Treatments as well as Stop Smoking Treatments are covered up to a lifetime maximum of three cures or treatments.

Such treatments require Prior Authorization and are reimbursed at 80% after approval of the propose treatment and duration by the Society's Medical Adviser.


Treatment for Obesity

Covered exclusivley subject to a doctor's prescription and Prior Authorization and approval of the duration by the Society's Medical Adviser.

Such treatment is based on theBody Mass Index (BMI) and is reimbursed as follows:

BMI > 30 - Medical Treatment and sessions with an approved dietician are reimbursed at 80% with a ceiling of CHF 70 per session and a maximum of 10 sessions.

BMI > 35 - Medical Treatment in a hospital establishment and related treatment costs are reimbursed at 80%.

BMI > 40 - Hospitalization and surgical procedures (if loss of weight > 50 kg, reconstructive surgery may be covered) are reimbursed in accordance with the conditions governing Hospitalization, Surgical Operations and Doctor's Fees (you can click on each to be redirected to the relative page)


SPA Cures

Please note that the plan limits the reimbursement of SPA exclusively in establishments approved by the local health authorities of the country concerned.

The accomodation costs are NOT reimbursed. Reimbursement is limited to 80% of the costs of treatment and a Prior Authorization is necessary. Limitation include a maximum of three cures over a period of 5 calendar years and a maximum of 21 days per stay.

It is important to note that any SPA cure categorized as Thalassotherapy, a Biological cure or a Slimming Cure is NOT reimbursable.