Dear UNSMIS Members,

Please note that as a consequence of  the current COVID-19 situation, our telephone lines and email accounts have been overloaded with queries.  We apologize for any delays.

Going forward we kindly ask you to send all email queries pertaining to hospitalizations and admissions with the subject title URGENT. This will allow us to prioritize these queries. Please ensure you only refer to a query as urgent if it requires an immediate admission, a letter of guarantee, or an urgent upcoming hospitalization within 30 days.

We strongly encourage all insured members to submit claims via the eClaims portal. Paper claims, which account for less than 15% of all claims received, will continue to be processed but at a slower pace. This is not an internal decision but simple logistics; the paper claims take longer to reach, they need to be manually opened , filed and numbered before being manually dispatched.


UPDATE by the Swiss Authorities:

Swiss Confederation: The Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) informs that SwissMedic has approved the first COVID 19 vaccination for the Swiss market, starting with vulnerable groups. Follow the link to access the dedicated FOPH  page concerning COVID for more information and to acces the COVID hotline.

Important Communication (in French) issued by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH)


For vaccination in Switzerland, the Confederation has set up a dedicated site:


IMPORTANT NOTE:  When filling out the online form you must select international insurance (there is no International Org. option).  However you cannot keep the country as Switzerland as the system will then ask you for the 19 or 20 digit insurance number (specific to Switzerland).  One way around this  is to select international insuance and then select your nationality . The relevant authorities have been alerted concerning this bug.

Please make sure that you bring a copy of your id and insurance card (physical or digital one) at the appointment.

It has been confirmed that holders of legitimation cards, regardless of their age, are included in the planning of the federal and cantonal authorities and will benefit from the same measures as those planned for the population and in the same order of priority.


Please follow the updates published on the following websites to ensure you are up to date with the most recent developments 


For UNSMIS policy and related information on COVID 19 testing and vaccines please follow the link.

UNSMIS insures people all over the world and as such we cannot insert information for every single country. Below you will find links to the COVID related pages on the websites of the competent authorities in the countries, besides Switzerland, where UNSMIS has the largest insured populations.




Germany (Nordrhein-Westfalen including Bonn):

United Kingdom:…



DISCLAIMER: The situation is an ever evolving one. We make all eforts to update the website in timely manner. / AVERTISSEMENT: La situation est en constante évolution. Nous mettons tout en œuvre pour mettre à jour le site Web en temps opportun.