Why do I need a prescription?

UNSMIS reimburses you for medical care prescribed by a doctor. UNSMIS does not accept prescriptions from persons who are not recognized medical practitioners, although this may be common practice in some countries. In the absence of a prescription, no reimbursement for treatment or medication is payable.

In addition, prescriptions are only valid for six months for medical reasons, to encourage members to undergo regular medical examinations. Renewable prescriptions and prescriptions longer than six months must be clearly identified as such by the prescribing physician and will be valid for a maximum of one year. In the case of a renewable prescription, please submit the original to UNSMIS the first time and in subsequent requests, please submit a photocopy and mention on the claim form that the original has already been submitted. If the original is required for processing, please explain this on the application form and submit photocopies.

Undated and backdated prescription are not accepted.  In line with santesuisse agreed procedure, the date of the first prescription presented is binding.  UNSMIS reserves the right to refuse subsequently presented prescription after the non-reimbursement of sessions due to the prescription date.

All invoices for medical expenses must be issued by the person or establishment providing the service or treatment, which in turn must be authorized by the authorities of the country concerned to provide this service. For example, UNSMIS does not reimburse subscriptions to fitness centers. Functional rehabilitation treatments are not reimbursed without a medical prescription. Acupuncture must be practiced by a recognized doctor.