Long Term Hospitalization

Long Term Hospitalization is to take place in an establishment approved by the local health authorities, or other authority concerned.

Long Term Hospitalization is covered at 80% up to a maximum period of 365 days, without application of the supplementary plan.

Any extension of the period of hospitalization by an additional 180 days is subject to Prior Authorization by the Medical Adviser, who shall determine whether the treatment is curative or of an indispensable palliative nature. If Prior Authorization is obtained for curative or palliative treatments, reimbursement will be at the same conditions as stated int he previous paragraph.


If this is not the case, the insurance cover will be reduced in time bound stages as follows:

  • 80% with a maximum of CHF 180 per day for a maximum of 180 days
  • 80% with a maximum of CHF 120 per dayfor the next 180 days, and
  • 80% with a maximum of CHF 60 per day for an indefinite period.


Once again, as is the case with all forms of hospitalization it is worth remembering that the supplement for a private room is NOT reimbursable.


Should a Doctor prescribe a Hospitalization at Home, this will be covered under the same conditions as described above.