How to present a claim for reimbursement ?

For more information please refer to the page How to Submit a Claim

With your reimbursement claim form, you must enclose your original prescriptions, bills and receipts. Duplicates, reminders, faxes and photocopies are not accepted. You must not modify, erase or write anything on your bills. The Insurance Society encourages the members to submit their medical bills as early as possible without accumulating too many invoices.

You must pay all expenses that entitle you to reimbursement. You may be asked to produce documentary evidence that you have paid such expenses. However, as cash payments cannot be substantiated in this way, it is in your interest to pay any amounts of more than CHF 500 by cheque, credit card or postal giro (bulletin de versement), so as to avoid the need for verification, which can cause long delays.

If you claim pharmaceutical expenses, it is important to attach to your prescription the till receipt or the receipted bill providing proof of purchase. It is also advisable to attach any stickers from the packaging of your medicine, so as to facilitate reimbursement of the medicine and avoid any disputes over its acceptability to the Society.

If you are hospitalized in a public medical establishment in France, you must pay all bills or fees. When you pay, you will be given the "avis des sommes à payer" for reimbursement purposes. In case of an hospitalisation in a private establishment (clinic), you should submit the "facture détaillée des frais de séjour (ref. Form 615)" .

You must submit reimbursement claims no more than 24 months after the date of the invoice. 

Benefits are calculated according to the invoice date in the case of fees for medical services, and according to the treatment date in the case of invoices for certain services relating to benefits that are subject to an annual ceiling.