Extent of Protection?

UNSMIS guarantees coverage at all times and in all countries. However, if an insured person decides to obtain medical care away from the duty station or place of residence of the Society member, the maximum sum reimbursable is limited to the cost of equivalent treatment provided in the canton of Geneva. If you are in any doubt, you are strongly advised to contact the Society first.

In the event of hospitalization in the United States, you should, if possible, notify UNSMIS before the date of your admission to hospital so that an intermediary agency in the United States can take action to facilitate the financial arrangements.

For some benefits, UNSMIS establishes reasonable thresholds based on the criteria generally applied by insurance companies in the country in which the treatment is provided. If you are in any doubt about a reimbursement, or about the level of reimbursement for a particular treatment, you are advised to ask in writing UNSMIS to give an opinion.