As you are affiliated to the United Nations Staff Mutual Insurance Society against Sickness and Accident, you may wish to apply for after-service coverage in accordance with the provisions of Rule V of the internal rules of the Society.

Full details on the eligibility requirements and administrative procedures relating to After Service Health Insurance (ASHI) coverage are set out in administrative instruction ST/AI/2007/3, dated 1 July 2007.

Staff members are reminded that only family members enrolled with the staff member at the time of separation are eligible for continued coverage under the programme.

Specially Protected Persons (SPP's), defined as non dependent spouse, secondary dependents and children over a certain age, may continue to be covered upon retirement of a staff member on condition that they have been affiliated for a year prior to the date of retirement of the staff member.

Enrolment in the ASHI programme is not automatic and application for enrolment must be made within 31 days following the date of separation. It is the Staff Member's responsibility to ensure this is carried. Failure to do so will result in being ineligible for ASHI.

Should you wish to continue coverage under our insurance, please contact us immediately:

Should you not wish to maintain your affiliation to the UNSMIS, please return your UNSMIS card(s) to us as soon as possible.

You will find here below relevant information and administrative formalities to be completed in connection with your separation from service.

  • Application Form F63 H
  • Bank details are crucial to the  your reimbursements, please fill in the form in case you decide to change your bank account.
  • Authorization for deduction of monthly contributions from your pension.
    Your ASHI premium is automatically deducted from your pension benefit but to do so we require your authorization. This is a mandatory requirement to continue in ASHI. Please note that your retirement number will be available later, issued by the UNJSPF, so you may leave this field empty.

Contributions are deducted each month from the pension but the deduction will not start immediately, therefore an advance is requested at the time of separation, in the amount of:

- CHF 900 for a member without specially protected persons, or
- CHF 1400 for a member with specially protected persons