Group Life Insurance Plan

A group life insurance plan (“plan”) is offered as a part of the scheme of social
security for the staff which the Secretary-General is required to establish under staff
regulation 6.2.

This group life insurance plan is underwritten by a commercial undewriter and the United Nations is the policyholder.

Despite the UN being the policyholder the plan is financed solely from the contributions of participating staff members. No subsidy is paid by the Organization.

Participation in the plan is voluntary for all eligible staff, and it is the Staff Member's responsibility to advise of their willingness to join the plan in accordance with the rules and regulations

A staff member may withdraw from the plan at any time. Please note the plan provides term insurance coverage only, and has no cash value at the time of withdrawal.

UNSMIS, although not responsible for this group insurance, assists with the affiliation procedure for eligible Staff in Geneva willing to join the plan. We strongly urge you to read the below documentation

If You have been enrolled in the group life insurance Plan (Aetna) during your previous contract and following your transfer between UN Organisations you want to ensure continuity of your AETNA coverage you MUST RE-APPLY


 In order to have continuous coverage, we need the following documents:

  • copy of your last pay statement showing a deduction for AETNA Group Life Insurance.
  • the original document  "Application for Group Life Insurance" duly filled.


Re-enrolment in the life insurance plan must be accomplished no later than two months following
your date of transfer or reappointment; otherwise, an evidence of insurability statement will be