Tariff Agreements

For some years now the Society has worked with the health insurance schemes of ILO/ITU, CERN and WHO to negotiate agreements with a range of health care providers, with the aim of expanding its network of service providers who offer high-quality care at reasonable rates.

These agreements are a component of the Society's strategy to keep costs under control and have without doubt exerted a restraining influence on trends in the Society's expenditure.

Without prejudice to the principle that Society members are free to choose their care providers, you are urged to give some thought to the benefits offered by the providers who have entered into agreements with the Society.

This will help keep your out of pocket expenses lower whilst at the same time save money to the plan, thus ensuring stable contributions for all and the long term viability of the plan.

To access a complete list of the Tariff Agreements with Medical Providers or the complete list of Tariff Agreements with Pharmacies simply click on one fo the two links below.