My coverage and testing for COVID-19

We have received numerous queries concerning Coronovirus. After internal discussion UNSMIS's position is the following:



  • The Covid19 test is administered by trained staff, so reimbursement should follow normal UNSMIS procedures/standards: i.e. the test must be administered by a physician or by a lab with a valid prescription.
  • UNSMIS believes a monetary cap may become a barrier to testing. As such, for the time being, in the interests of all staff/former staff UNSMIS is not applying a monetary ceiling to the test. UNSMIS reserves the right to review this as the situation evolves.
  • Reimbursement will be at 80%



  • Covered in accordance with normal UNSMIS reimbursement rules for hospitlaization. Private Room costs, normally not covered, can be covered as expained in the following point.



  • (i) for isolation:  applies to people that show symptoms and need to be diagnosed and/or treated. These patients are being hospitalised in isolation or in a single room in order not to contaminate others. This is medical care and therefore covered, even the private room supplement, at 90% as per UNSMIS internal rules with appciation of the Supplementary Plan.


  • (ii) for prevention:applies to people that may or may not have been diagnosed with COVID-19 but do not show symptoms and are being quarantined for preventive measures. This is not medical care and therefore not covered. 



The current Coronavirus outbreak has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) and many countires have declared a state of emergency. Many commercial insurers often apply Pandemic/Epidemic exclusion clauses preventing certain insurance payouts in such circumstances. Please rest assured that UNSMIS has no such exclusion and that it will continue honouring all reimbursements for eligible medical expenses.