Maternity and Infertility Treatment


During the pregnancy the coverage of all test and ultrasound scans is reimbursed at 80% with application of the Supplemetary Plan.

Preparation for the delivery is reimbursed at 80% with a maximum ceiling of CHF 200 and the Supplamentary Plan is NOT applicable.

Obstetrician or Midwife's fees and Nursing fees are reimbursed at 80% with application of the Supplementary Plan.

Any stay in a clinic or a hospital will follow the same reimbursement methodology, requirements and limitations described in the Hospitalization page.

Post delivery, if and only if the stay in the medical establishment did not exceed 6 days, a maximum of six sessions/visits by a midwife or a nurse will be reimbursed at 80% (with a valid medical prescription).


Infertility Treatment

Infertility treatments are reimbursed at 80% subject to a lifetime maximum ceiling of CHF 20,000 and Prior Approval by the Medical Adviser.

A coverage form will be provided and it will need to be submitted with each medical reimbursement claim relating to such treatment.

The costs covered by the total credit include all care relating to infertility treatment, such as : medical procedures, consultations and examinations, including egg retrieval and embryo transfer, laboratory tests and fees, including fees for sperm preparation, hatching, micro-injection, embryo transfer, ICSI, freezing and cryopreservation, biologist’s fees, scans, nursing care and services, operating fees, theatre charges, post-op, outpatient day care, materials and anaesthesia, medicaments, and other expenses normally associated with such treatment.