Dear UNSMIS Members,

Please note that as a consequence of  the current COVID-19 situation, our telephone lines and email accounts have been overloaded with queries.  We apologize for any delays.

Going forward we kindly ask you to send all email queries pertaining to hospitalizations and admissions with the subject title URGENT. This will allow us to prioritize these queries. Please ensure you only refer to a query as urgent if it requires an immediate admission, a letter of guarantee, or an urgent upcoming hospitalization within 30 days.

We strongly encourage all insured members to submit claims via the eClaims portal. Paper claims, which account for about 20% of all claims received, will continue to be processed but at a slower pace. This is not an internal decision but simple logistics; the paper claims will need to be retrieved from the Palais and physically delivered to the homes of our colleagues who process claims.


Below are links to the most frequently asked questions we have received in the last weeks. Simply click on the link and you will be redirected to the concerned web page.

- Accessing medical care in Swizerland

- Who may  I contact to get up to date information?

My coverage and testing for COVID-19



To deal with the current situation and to further prioritize emergency cases please note that all queries concerning dental and optical credits should be done directly online on the eClaims portal. We strongly urge you to refrain from submitting any generic queries concerning benefits and to use our website to find the needed answers regarding your benefits.